Welcome to the TRUKS website, home of Northwest Arkansas’ most experienced truck bed cover retailer. We have been family owned and operated since 1966, changing our name to TRUKS in 1990. We strive to provide our customers with the best service and prices possible by keeping a low overhead and passing those savings on to you. Come see why TRUKS has been around so long. You’ll be glad you did!

TRUKS offers truck accessories of all types including painted to match fiberglass shells and lids, commercial grade work shells, soft tonneau covers, retractable bed covers, toolboxes, bed liners, step bars, grille guards, bug shields, window visors, bed caps and rails, hitches, truck racks, and so much more. If your part isn’t in stock, we will special order it for no extra charge. If you wish, install your purchase yourself and we’ll further discount the item, saving you money. In addition, we also offer package pricing on multiple items, so the more you buy the more you save. You owe it to yourself to check with us before you buy anywhere else.

At TRUKS, we have specialized in truck bed covers for over 3 decades. Our experience has taught us that not all bed covers are the same. Poor quality and workmanship are common in the truck bed cover market, but you won’t find it at TRUKS. For the last 20 years we have offered A.R.E. brand shells and lids, producers of high quality truck bed covers since 1969. A.R.E. offers painted to match bed cover to meet every need with a variety of options to customize your cover to suit your needs and style. Whether it’s an attractive lid, a sleek cab high shell, a raised roof style, or a commercial work shell, A.R.E. has you covered.

The V series offers the best in value with classic styling and traditional sliding side windows, and is ideal for the person looking to save money and still have an attractive addition to their truck.
If function and price are your priorities, the V series fits the bill.

The CX series offers the buyer the option of upgrading the standard sliding side windows to the more modern automotive design Screen Vent crank out windows. In addition, the CX series has a wrap over design for all trucks with factory equipped plastic bed caps, hiding them under the shell to give you a clean unbroken color flow from the shell to your truck bed.
If you’re looking for a modern look without the expense, the CX series is your shell.

The Z series is the ultimate in automotive design, featuring the Screen Vent crank out windows, a solid glass rear door with slam latches, and a carpeted interior as standard features. Just like the CX series, it offers the wrap over design for all trucks with factory equipped plastic bed caps, giving you the best automotive look available and a sleek design not available in other models.
If style is your priority, look no further than the Z series.

The MX series offers more head room without compromising style. Featuring a wrap over design like the CX and Z series cab height versions, it too is available with the automotive style Screen Vent crank out side windows as an upgrade, or the traditional sliders as a standard feature.
If you need extra room but don’t wish to sacrifice style, the MX series is just the thing.

The T series wedge design is for those needing the largest cargo area, or those wishing to push air over a pulled trailer. The aerodynamic shape allows for better air flow over the truck bed while forcing the air up and over most enclosed trailers. The extra height allows for large cargo such as ATVs, mowers, and other large items hauled on a regular basis. Another advantage of the T series is extra head room for crawling in and out of the cargo area. More height means bumping your head less when retrieving items from inside the shell, a definite plus for some. The T series also gives you more room to change clothes or sit up inside when used for camping and sleeping. If maximum interior space is your goal, look no further than the T series wedge.

The LSII series lid is A.R.E.’s classic hard bed cover, featuring designs on the lid surface that match the hood design of the truck it’s made for giving it a factory look. On the underside of the lid is a dark Grey carpeted finish for a very clean appearance when open. For trucks equipped with factory installed plastic bed caps, the LSII wraps over them giving your truck a clean, stylish look without the break in color on your bed side like some brands have.
There are few equals and NONE better than the LSII series lid.

The LSX series lid is the next generation from A.R.E. and shares all the features of the LSII but with scissor hinge technology allowing for a closer fit on the front corners of trucks with factory installed plastic bed caps. The LSX also features a key less locking system that utilizes your truck key less entry system as a standard feature. When you lock or unlock your truck, your doing the same to the LSX.
For those wanting the latest in technology and design, the LSX is your lid.

The DCU series commercial grade work shells are for those hauling the tools of their trade. These shells are custom designed for each customer and built to suit your needs, which means no cookie cutter one size fits all in these work shells. Standard features include full length locking side and rear doors, with options that let you choose the height and roof style, rear door types including full walk in and hatch back models that replace your tailgate, side options including built in tool boxes with optional dividers, roof racks of different types, and many other features. These rugged work shells are the ideal bed cover for those wishing to better organize their tools and parts while protecting everything from theft and weather. The flat smooth metal make a great surface for signs, logos, phone numbers, or any other signs or stickers required for your line of work while keeping your truck free of these needed additions.
If you work out of your truck, look no further than the DCU series.

The SpaceKap line is designed for those with special needs or truck fleets. Ideal for many different job descriptions, the SpaceKap offers multiple configurations and designs. As a self contained unit, it can be moved from truck to truck easily, making it ideal for fleets and those wishing to avoid buying new units every time new trucks are purchased. Available with optional heating and cooling, interior racks, shelving, counters, storage, and specialized equipment holders, the SpaceKap is a mobile office and work center ready for you to take your business on the road.
If a long lasting mobile work area is your goal, then the SpaceKap is your ticket.

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